The kitchen facilities of both the trailvan and comfortvan are one of the most unique features of these trailers.  The Imagine Trailvan's kitchen is fully equipped to make your trip more convenient and enjoyable. Every Imagine Trailvans customer will enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen that can be deployed in under 1 minute. The kitchen is located on the outside of the trailer so no other trailer compartments need to be accessed in order to enjoy a good meal. The compact design includes shelves that swivel with storage on both sides. A combined refrigerator and freezer unit also slides out beside the kitchen for ease of access. the refrigerator units we install were originally designed and tested for the transport of vaccines into remote locations throughout Africa. These fridges feature superior cooling power and ultra-high efficiency. the kitchen also features a slide-out unit which contains both a dual burner stove and sink with electrically pumped water faucet that pulls from a 22 gallon reservoir tank located directly above the axles.


Overall, the ease of access, large amount of usable space, abundant food cooling , cooking and washing power really allows a person to feel like he or she has all the utensils necessary to sustain a crew for many days.  We know that you will enjoy making the trailvan kitchen area the place where you can regenerate your family or team, or even entertain guests from other camps. The kitchen will on many occasions the center of your voyage, where many memories are made and experiences will be shared.  

following is a list of basic features


  • 3 pullout drawers
  • 8 shelves
  • Secured and retractable packing space for glasses, plates, spices and bottles
  • Cutlery drawer


  • 2 fixed gas burners
  • Adjustable flames  


  • Cold water tap
  • either a 22 gallon water tank for trailvan, or 44 gallon water tank for the comfortvan

Overall, this unique off road camper trailer's kitchen design still remains one of the best functions of the Imagine range of products.  You will enjoy easy accessibility for all cooking requirements, because you will have effective packing space and the ability to cook up a storm whether you are still on the go or already set up!


The kitchen with storage and roof opened.

The kitchen with rooftop.

This short shows how to set up the kitchen feature of the Imagine Trailvan.