With over 15 years experience in adventure off road trailer design and manufacturing, Imagine Trailvans offers a product built on the idea that a constant drive for optimization and innovation is essential to making the best product possible. We remain the number one choice for South African customers who are looking for a robust, reliable, efficient and comfortable product. We have shipped our off road trailers to many different countries throughout the years, such as Australia, Brazil and the USA. 

Gideon du Plessis, the owner of Imagine Trailvans, has been involved in the off road camper trailer industry since 1992. Gideon is considered by many in the off road trailer industry, as the pioneer in developing off road trailers in South Africa.

After producing the first (and successful) off road camper trailer in South Africa in the early 90’s and later an off road Caravan, Gideon realized that it was always a difficult decision for the client to decide which trailer to purchase.

Gideon and his team's extensive experience and knowledge of off road camper trailers led to the design and manufacture of a new type of off road trailer, and in 2003 the first IMAGINE TRAILVAN (top right) was released.

The need for certain customers to add a bathroom and shower facility inside the trailer while maintaining a small footprint, led to the design of the IMAGINE COMFORTVAN (bottom right) in 2005.

The following simple, yet effective, design principals are the foundation that makes the IMAGINE product range unique and a leader within the outdoor industry:

  1. A lightweight but strong construction to ensure easy towing and handling
  2. A very quick set-up time from the moment your engine has stopped running.  The complete camp can be set up within 10 minutes.  You need not be agile in order to pitch the high tents which are so typical of most off-road trailers today.
  3. A large kitchen that is designed for long extended trips with all necessities within easy reach.

The compact layout, ease of setting-up, weight distribution and configuration surely makes the IMAGINE products your ultimate choice.


The Imagine Trailvan.

The Imagine Comfortvan.

The Imagine Comfortvan.