When you are planning to go to the outskirts of Africa, or on a trip to Alice Springs, or hopping over to Moab, you are guaranteed to hear some scary stories.  Endless barren plains, murderous sand dunes, total lack of facilities and treacherous mirages.

What people forget, but you know, is that those kinds of stories originated before the Imagine Trailvan existed.  Because with the large amount of packing space, minimal weight for greater mobility in the desert sands, dust closeness secure enough to keep out the tiniest Namib grains, and unparalleled sleeping comfort, the only stories you’ll be worried about are the ones you’ll have to fabricate to convince your friends that you’ve had a really difficult trip.

With the off road camper trailer you can head effortlessly into the great unknown – further than ever before. There are only two tracks where you’re coming from and no sign of a track where you’re going.

Indeed, it is head and shoulders above any competitor.


  • 1.95 x 1.37m main bed
  • 2 to 4 sleeper models are available
  • Up to 1630l packing space
  • 420l internal drawer system
  • 4 models to choose from according to your requirements